Bruce Chatwin, a travel writer, has inspired travellers around the world. Even today, thirty years after his passing and forty years after the publication of his ground-breaking travelogue, ‘‘In Patagonia,” his tales, stories, style and personality continue to resonate with readers and travellers worldwide. His works mostly address themes of human restlessness and wandering, borders and exile, and arts and objects. He believed that humans are a migratory species, predisposed to a life of travel.

Inspired by Chatwin’s works and legacies, Kmana’s first collection is a tribute to his spirit. We’ve attempted to capture the character of one of the last great explorers in the simple, timeless and gender-neutral design of the eight pieces of our first collection.

Our designs marry functionality with a touch of eclecticism inspired by Chatwin and our own travels too. We, like him, believe in questioning conventional standards of luxury and gender by magnifying what is essential.

Our products are multi-purpose in design, celebrating his interpretation of the idea of a border as a place where things are always changing, and honouring Chatwin’s unique quality of all great travellers: the ability to remain completely who he was even as he proved himself ceaselessly malleable.

“My God is the God of Walkers.
If you walk hard enough,
you probably don’t need any other god.”
― Bruce Chatwin


Inspired by Maya Angelou’s works and riveting personality, Kmana’s second collection is a tribute to the free-spirit of this remarkable Renaissance woman. Tall and regal, with a deep majestic voice, she was unforgettable whether encountered through sight, sound or the printed word.

Maya Angelou was a visionary and a non-conformist, a genuine traveller who lived so many different lives that it is almost impossible to categorize her. An activist, poignant poet, prolific auto biographer and TV producer, Maya Angelou had also travelled the world as a singer and dancer, and even became the first black streetcar female conductor in San Francisco at the age of 16.

To us, she was and continues to be a warrior for equality, tolerance and peace. A real story teller whose greatest stories happened to be true. Someone who genuinely believed in love and we suspect this was precisely the force of her amazing resilience.

“Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I’ll rise.”
― Maya Angelou


Born in the age of Revolution, Lady Hester Stanhope, is remembered today as a passionate and intrepid traveller in an age when women were discouraged from being adventurous.

She blazed a trail across the Middle East a century before TE Lawrence, became the first Western woman to enter Palmyra and her exploits have been celebrated by numerous writers and artists including George Eliot, James Joyce, Picasso and WH Auden. As some have written about her, she went where she wanted and did as she pleased.

Inspired by her audacity and her love for the Middle East, Kmana’s third collection is a tribute to her spirit. We have attempted to capture the character of one of the great female explorers in the four carefully curated pieces of our first skilful intrecciato woven leather collection.

“I have nothing to fear…
I am the sun, the stars, the pearl, the lion, the light from heaven”
Lady Hester


Our capsule collection of vegetable-tanned leather babouches is a tribute to one of the first westerners to visit La mecca, amongst many other sacred places which were, at the time, forbidden to outsiders.

Born at the end of the 18th century in a liberal family in our homeland Barcelona, Ali Bey el Abbas (at the time known as Domingo Francisco) became soon fascinated by the richness of the Arab culture. He published numerous books and impersonated many different people in his adventurous life, all for the sake of his travels.

We, like him, adore the simple and elegant shapes of the typical Arab shoes. This is our personal tribute to them.