We are a small team and firm believers of the motto “small is beautiful”. We love working together with others, tapping into the potential of like-minded individuals, groups and small businesses. “Why do ourselves what others can do better?” This is a question we will never stop asking ourselves.

To mention a few of these amazing beings :

  • The leather magician Hanafi, his loving sharp-witted wife Putu, Pak Ketut, Pak Eko and all the hard-working leather artisans working with them in Bali and Jogjakarta. Without them Kmana would not be possible.
  • Diligent, good humoured and sharp-witted Daud from Java, who joined our team in 2019 as production manager to help with the stream lining and upscaling of the production, without compromising our values. He has become indispensable for Kmana.
  • Untiring and always joyful Yogi, who is now part of our family (Kmana family but also the other one) and the man to ask for anything. He can get anything done.
  • The talented and asssertive wanderer Irene, who recently joined our family to help us in our marketing efforts, in an effort to communicate better and reach out to may more conscious consumers.
  • Parwi Jolik and all the workers he employs in Juwana-Pati (Central Java) to make our hardware and many other beautiful products.
  • Kias leather passionate team of leather vegetable tanners and bag makers  team ( who are taking vegetable tanned and pulled up leather to the next level
  • The talented art directors and graphic designers Xisco Barcelo ( and Alex Carrasco, who have shared with us their passion for concepts and aesthetics, and guided us through the complex process journey of branding.
  • Energetic Ayun from the traditional batik store, the women from Nusa Penida and their small businesses, committed to preserving the weaving techniques that make rang rang, one of our favourite fabrics, possible.
  • Collected Tude, who shares his time between El Colectivo and Kmana, and who has helped us transformed ideas and concepts into Kmana labels , packaging and cards.
  • Fabrice and Fabrice, from LF2 Factory ( who are the brains and talents behind our website.
  • Talented photographers Livia Kurniadi ( and Pau Marchant ( without whose photographic eyes, our stories wouldn’t have images.
  • Trevor Caldwell, whose linguistic contributions frequently arrive from overseas, coming from a different direction.
  • Beautiful Laksmi Anindya, better known as Nin, whom we first met in a magic family circus in Bali and who believed in Kmana even before it existed. She helped us develop the concept.
  • The hard-working and welcoming weavers from the Role Foundation ( who have succeeded in reinventing themselves.
  • The talented artisans from the Watthan cooperative in Cambodia, an example of how transformative it is to focus on the person’s abilities, rather than the disabilities.

We would like to thank you all.

Without you, this adventure wouldn’t be possible.

And for sure, this is just the beginning of a list that will continue to grow.