We are a passionate, ethical, family-run design company producing leather travel bags and accessories handcrafted in Bali.

Our designs are made for the wanderers, the makers and shakers, and all those who believe as we do, that we are constantly creating the world we live in. It all comes down to the decisions we make.

Make your choice and shake the world in a gentle way.


The beauty and connectivity of life in Bali has been and remains the source of inspiration for Kmana.

‘Mau ke mana’ is Bali’s ubiquitous greeting. You hear it from friends, neighbours and strangers alike. Its literal meaning “Where are you going?” seems to secretly acknowledge that we are, just like everything else, constantly moving and in transition, even when we sit in stillness.

Kmana was born out of a desire to combine ethics and aesthetics, to serve the world’s wanderers. Men and women who, regardless of their age, desire timeless and unisex fashion produced sustainably in small batches.

It all started in 2015, when we began working with a Balinese–Javanese family of gifted leather artisans, hand-crafting oversized bags for our own travels. Soon afterwards, visiting friends and acquaintances began ordering their own personal bags and accessories. Without realising it, our bags started travelling outside of Bali, to Brisbane, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Barcelona.

Kmana and its first collection, a tribute to one of the last great explorers, Bruce Chatwin, formed organically in 2017 out of this unscripted process and the friendship that was forged with the leather magicians, Putu, Hanafi and their beautiful son Rizky.

This is our story, Kmana journey. Like in all good stories,
we know where the journey begins, not where it ends.


Kmana is also the result of a loving alliance that started more than twelve years ago in Barcelona, and spread through travels and experiences, until settling down in Bali, Indonesia. It is the story of Bea and Kiko, accomplices and lifetime companions.

Bea – the wilful wanderer

Bea was born in Bar­celona, at the shores of her beloved Mediterranean. She is an anthropologist, an economist, a mother of two beautiful children, a passionate yogi, a lecturer and a dilettante blog writer. One of her great passions is travel. She began as an eighteen year-old full of inspiration from the novels she’d read, and has not stopped to this day, making travel and encounters with others into her life work.

She has lived in and travelled all the continents, supporting and connecting like-minded international institutions, organisations and individuals that work towards a better world. In 2013, after some years using the magic Emporda as a base and two years travelling with her family, she landed in Bali and fell deeply in love with the island. Ever since, Bali has been home, the place to which she returns, to seek refuge and stand still until her next move, and the place where she has finally decided to follow her passion for sustainable design and bags.

KIKO – the edgy creative

Kiko is an islander, born in Mallorca and naturally inclined towards the deep blue sea. Educated in Interior Design & Architecture, Kiko has always been fascinated by other disciplines, training himself in graphic and web design, 3D modelling and industrial design. He worked with several architectural studios and lectured for LAI Design School in Barcelona before starting his own multi­disciplinary design company ( In 2006 he met Bea and they moved to the Catalan countryside, where he co-founded Brots, a design shop inspired by the principles of slow design and sustainability that supports the work of local designers and artisans. In 2013 he moved to Bali with this family and developed a strong passion for surfing.

He is fascinated by functional beauty as well as beautiful functionality, not to mention his love for the island and innovation. Together with another fascinating human being, Nicolas Caceres, he co-founded El Colectivo in 2016, a Bali-based architecture and design studio, deeply committed to marrying sustainable solutions with modern tropical designs.